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        UAR interviews Chloe Rackham about her diabetes

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        We interviewed Chloe just before World Diabetes Day 2010.

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        The Nobel Prize-winning discovery of insulin in 1920-21 at the University of?Toronto is one of the most spectacular examples of the contribution of animal?research to medical progress. Many millions of people with diabetes are alive?and well as a result -- as are many diabetic dogs. Surgeon Frederick Banting and?graduate student Charles Best found that injections of pancreatic cell extracts?relieved diabetic symptoms in dogs. The extracts contained insulin, which was?then purified using a technique developed in rabbits. Read more on our?websites:?http://m.fashiteksms.com/your_health/insulin_for_diabetes and http://www.animalresearch.info/en/medical/timeline/isolationofinsulin



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