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        Video clips and transcripts

        We can provide media organisations with high resolution B-roll material of research animals. Examples of this B-roll material are shown below. Contact us office@uar.org.uk for more information and with your requests. We can also arrange opportunities for you to do your own filming.

        Our own videos can be seen below or on YouTube here. Most of the videos in YouTube have subtitles added. The text for these subtitles can be read in the transcripts of the videos, many of which are available below. A link to the transcript document can be found below the video window.

        CCExcept where otherwise?noted, video material on this site is licensed under a?Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

        Please acknowledge?Understanding Animal Research?and include a link when you use our material. We would also appreciate you sending us a link to your work, please email office@uar.org.uk?with the relevant details. ?

        If you require need a video file and/or higher resolution footage please contact rscrase@uar.org.uk or office@uar.org.uk
        with your request.