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        There are many websites which argue for and against animal research. They may cover the scientific arguments, the moral arguments or both. The ethical arguments are built on many different principles, which can often have far reaching consequences when taken to their logical extreme. The scientific arguments should be treated with more caution – not all scientific arguments are equal. While we encourage you to investigate the scientific claims for and against animal research, it is important to try to double check your information with established scientific organisations and journals.

        For animal research

        Understanding Animal Research – m.fashiteksms.com

        Animal Research Info – www.animalresearch.info

        Speaking of Research – www.speakingofresearch.com

        Americans for Medical Progress – www.amprogress.org

        American Physiological Society - http://www.animalresearchcures.org/

        Animal Testing Perspectives - http://animaltestingperspectives.org/

        Pro-Test – www.pro-test.org.uk

        Foundation for Biomedical Research – www.fbresearch.org

        Against animal research

        People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – www.peta.org.uk

        Animal Aid – www.animalaid.org.uk

        British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection – www.buav.org

        Humane Society International – www.hsi.org

        Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics – www.oxfordanimalethics.com

        Speak – www.speakcampaigns.org

        North American Animal Liberation Press Office – www.animalliberationpressoffice.org

        In Defence of Animals – www.idausa.org

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