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        1 January 1970

        Posted by: Richard Tidmarsh

        Category: News


        Study in mice shows that allergies can be passed on to offspring

        Allergies are the most common chronic disease in Europe. More that 150 million Europeans struggle with allergic conditions. The numbers are increasing and it is predicted that by… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/allergies-passed-on-from-mother-mice-to-offspring/

        Covid-19 may affect sperm and future generations

        Animal studies have shown that environmental factors such as pollution, stress, malnutrition or infections can change the immune system of not only individuals also their… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/covid-19-may-affect-sperm-and-future-generations/

        Why are scientists tickling rats?

        Tickling rats is serious science. UAR talked to Emma Robinson, Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Bristol, whose work with giggling rats? has established a… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/animal-welfare-alternatives/why-are-scientists-tickling-rats/

        FBI: the bureau for fish welfare

        FBI: the bureau for fish welfare? In the fish world, FBI has a whole other meaning. It stands for Fish Behaviour Index, an automated intelligent monitoring system that… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/animal-welfare-alternatives/fbi-the-bureau-for-fish-welfare/

        ‘Young’ microbiota can reverse ageing of the immune system and boost vaccines

        ‘Young’ microbiota can reverse ageing of the immune system and boost vaccines Every human being is home to trillions of microbes that are collectively known as the microbiota.… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/young-microbiota-can-reverse-ageing-of-the-immune-system-and-boost-vaccines/

        Could a drug for cat coronavirus cure COVID-19?

        Could a drug for cat coronavirus cure COVID-19?? Cats, as we all know, have nine lives, but with recent breakthroughs in the understanding of feline coronavirus, perhaps they… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/could-a-drug-for-cat-coronavirus-cure-covid-19/

        Free eLearning resource on blinding in animal experiments

        Free eLearning resource on blinding in animal experiments? A new free eLearning resource designed by the British Pharmacological Society (BPS), primarily designed for… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/free-elearning-resource-on-blinding-in-animal-experiments/

        Did you know elephants can get herpes and die from it?

        Did you know elephants can get herpes and die from it??? Herpesviruses are a very broad family which can infect a wide range of animals, and Asian elephants are one of them. But… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/did-you-know-elephants-can-get-herpes-and-die-from-it/

        The Milky way of Medicine: want a cup of drugs?

        As genetic engineering of animals is becoming easier and cheaper, so is the production of drugs. Transgenic animals made to produce drugs in their milk could bring expensive… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/the-milky-way-of-medicine-want-a-cup-of-drugs/

        How organoids are bringing the study of bats to the lab

        How organoids are bringing the study of bats to the lab The absence of an in vitro model for the study of bat viruses has hindered the battle against potential emerging… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/how-organoids-are-bringing-the-study-of-bats-to-the-lab/

        COVID-19 research exposes activists' lack of evidence

        As the media stories around coronavirus mention, time and again, the?animal?models?being used alongside other methods?in numerous areas of Covid-19 research, it was at first… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/covid-research-exposes-activists-lack-of-evidence/

        Could llama antibodies treat viruses like COVID-19?

        The emergence of the novel human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has caused a worldwide pandemic. There are few therapeutic solutions so there is a real need to find a way to… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/could-llama-antibodies-treat-viruses-like-covid-19/

        High public acceptance of animal research to find treatments for COVID-19

        Survey shows high public acceptance of animal research to find treatments for COVID-19 The UK public overwhelmingly supports the bioscientific community in their work to develop… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/survey-shows-high-public-acceptance-of-animal-research-to-find-treatments-for-covid-19/

        Is COVID-19 isolation making your dog as anxious as you?

        Dog are more anxious than you would expect. Very receptive to humans, they can mirror their emotions. Is the context of the COVID-19 mass confinement going to cause the animals… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/is-covid-19-isolation-making-your-dog-as-anxious-as-you/

        2016 A year in animal research

        A dozen animal research stories from 2016
        2016 - a year in animal research ? 2016 was the year when Zika came to our attention and UAR Science Writer Mia Rozenbaum wrote about the use of animals in Zika research… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/2016-a-year-in-animal-research/

        This week in animal research 19/02/16

        This week in animal research; 3D-printed body parts, brain-in-a-dish and patient-derived xenografts.
        Studies on worms may help develop a neurostatin to protect people from Alzheimer's Studies on worms have found a number of drugs which prevented the early stages of… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/this-week-in-animal-research-190216/

        Dispelling myths around animal research

        Film for politics.co.uk
        Dispelling myths around animal research Making sense of animal research in the UK - a policy-maker's guide UAR commissioned an animation with politics.co.uk to explain… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/video-of-the-week/dispelling-myths-around-animal-research/

        Captured on film: animal research at Cambridge and Imperial College

        To coincide with World Day for Animals In Laboratories, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London have both released different films that show the world inside their… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/captured-on-film-animal-research-at-cambridge-and-imperial-college/

        This week in animal research: w/e 06 March 2015

        Animal research news of the week
        02/03/15 Domestic cats have an exceptional sense of smell - around 14X better than humans - yet they still choose to use their eyes to find food. Veterinary researcher,… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/this-week-in-animal-research-we-06-march-2015/

        Animal research news feed

        Animal research news - updated every two weeks
        If you would like our news delivered by email please email office@uar.org.uk with news feed in the title and we'll send you a short email several days each week. 25/05… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/animal-research-news-feed1/

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