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        1 January 1970

        Posted by: Richard Tidmarsh

        Category: News


        COVID-19: From your toilet to the sea, will your waste kill seals and whales?

        Marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins and seals are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2, so scientists worry our sewage could cause a new animal reservoir for the virus. Transmission of… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/animal-welfare-alternatives/covid-19-from-your-toilet-to-the-sea-will-your-waste-kill-seals-and-whales/

        Why we must stop Covid-19 gaining a foothold in animals

        “We need to develop surveillance strategies to ensure we don’t get taken by surprise by a large outbreak in animals, which could pose a threat not just to animal health but to… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/watch-out-for-diseases-that-can-jump-from-animal-to-man/

        Covid-19 may affect sperm and future generations

        Animal studies have shown that environmental factors such as pollution, stress, malnutrition or infections can change the immune system of not only individuals also their… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/covid-19-may-affect-sperm-and-future-generations/

        How virus tracking can help us prevent future pandemics

        The?Pirbright Institute specialises in the research and diagnosis of livestock viral diseases and viruses that spread from animals to humans.? The Institute is part of an… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/how-virus-tracking-can-help-us-prevent-future-pandemics/

        Could a drug for cat coronavirus cure COVID-19?

        Could a drug for cat coronavirus cure COVID-19?? Cats, as we all know, have nine lives, but with recent breakthroughs in the understanding of feline coronavirus, perhaps they… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/could-a-drug-for-cat-coronavirus-cure-covid-19/

        The increase in zoonotic diseases: the WHO, the why and the when?

        The increase in zoonotic diseases: the WHO, the why and the when? ? Over the last century, there has been an alarming increase in the number, frequency and diversity of… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/the-increase-in-zoonotic-diseases-the-who-the-why-and-the-when/

        How social isolation affects your body

        How social isolation affects your body Could post-covid-19 social isolation really be affecting us that much? Mouse studies have shown that being cut off from others can cause… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/how-social-isolation-affects-your-body/

        How organoids are bringing the study of bats to the lab

        How organoids are bringing the study of bats to the lab The absence of an in vitro model for the study of bat viruses has hindered the battle against potential emerging… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/how-organoids-are-bringing-the-study-of-bats-to-the-lab/

        Remdesivir trials effective against coronaviruses in animals and humans

        Remdesivir trials show it is effective against coronaviruses in macaques, bats, cats and now in humans. Developed by Gilead, remdesivir (GS-5734?) is a broad-spectrum antiviral… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/remdesivir-trials-effective-against-coronaviruses-in-animals-and-humans/

        Could llama antibodies treat viruses like COVID-19?

        The emergence of the novel human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has caused a worldwide pandemic. There are few therapeutic solutions so there is a real need to find a way to… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/could-llama-antibodies-treat-viruses-like-covid-19/

        Is COVID-19 isolation making your dog as anxious as you?

        Dog are more anxious than you would expect. Very receptive to humans, they can mirror their emotions. Is the context of the COVID-19 mass confinement going to cause the animals… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/is-covid-19-isolation-making-your-dog-as-anxious-as-you/

        Can your cat catch coronavirus?

        Can your pet get COVID-19? ? Dogs and cats can’t transmit COVID-19, but they can catch other coronaviruses? The coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 has spread across the world, causing… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/animal-welfare-alternatives/can-cats-catch-coronavirus/

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