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        1 January 1970

        Posted by: Richard Tidmarsh

        Category: News


        How virus tracking can help us prevent future pandemics

        The?Pirbright Institute specialises in the research and diagnosis of livestock viral diseases and viruses that spread from animals to humans.? The Institute is part of an… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/how-virus-tracking-can-help-us-prevent-future-pandemics/

        A journey to the clean side

        How we made our 360 degree lab tours
        A journey to the clean side ? This is the second article in our 2019 series reviewing achievements during the first ten years of UAR. ? The other side of the changing… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/a-journey-to-the-clean-side/

        Tracking killer T cells in pigs for flu vaccine development

        Uses antibodies created in Babraham pigs to track immune response to flu.
        T cells can provide protection against multiple strains of flu and other disease, but current vaccines are unable to activate them effectively. The tools developed in this study… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/research-medical-benefits/tracking-killer-t-cells-in-pigs-for-flu-vaccine-development/

        Four animal laboratories open their digital doors to the public

        Four animal laboratories open their digital doors to the public: 360 'street view' - 60 scenes and 35 videos
        Four animal laboratories open their digital doors to the public Public can digitally explore UK animal research facilities Universities of Bristol and Oxford, the MRC… http://m.fashiteksms.com/news/communications-media/four-animal-laboratories-open-their-digital-doors-to-the-public/

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