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        The Big Biology Giveaway

        3 September 2012

        Posted by: UAR news team

        Category: Schools education

        science–school–building.jpgUnderstanding Animal Research will be joining the Society of Biology, The Biochemical Society, The British Pharmacological Society and many others to present the very first Big Biology Giveaway at Charles Darwin House on Monday 17 September.

        The Giveaway is a free evening event for biology teachers with an emphasis on content you can take away. What teachers most need to help them deliver quality biology education are practical activities and resources that have been tried and tested in the classroom. The Giveaway will offer huge variety of such teaching resources and help teachers to access a wealth of advice and opportunities in biology education that they may not have realised is out there.

        The UAR rubber rats, Wensley and Dale, will be in attendance and teachers will have the opportunity to try their hands at blood sampling from the rats’ tails while learning about the UAR school programme and, we hope, signing up for a visit in the new school year.The Giveaway will run from 4.00pm-6.30pm.

        If you know any teachers who might be interested in what promises to be an entertaining evening as well as a very informative and useful one, they can register at www.slcs.ac.uk, email enquiries@slcs.ac.uk or call 020 7612 6325 for more information. The event is completely free to schools and refreshments, wine and nibbles will be available.