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        The Big Animal Research Debate: Day 4

        15 October 2013

        Posted by: UAR news team

        Category: Schools education

        big-animal-research-debate.jpg18/10/2013 Update: Results from some of the debates listed below

        The Big Animal Research Debate, an event organised by UAR and IDEA UK, starts today with five debates taking place at Hull University, King’s College London, University College London, Sheffield University and James Madison University (Virginia, USA).

        UAR Chief Executive, Wendy Jarrett, will be debating today at UCL. The debate starts at 7pm and will be streamed live on?www.animalresearchdebate.org

        The Big Animal Research Debate will see over?30 university debating societies?(with schools joining as well) holding debates over a 4-day period on the motion that “This House Would Ban All Forms of Animal Research”.

        Also, great to see the first bit of national coverage courtesy of?The Observer?on Sunday.

        Results of debates so far:

        Watch Wednesday night's debate at Imperial College featuring UAR's Tom Holder as guest speaker:

        Watch Monday night's debate at UCL, with UAR's CEO Wendy Jarrett speaking in opposition