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        Watch a conference for Nature today

        3 September 2014

        Posted by: Richard Scrase

        Category: Policy Issues

        turtle–dove–bird.jpgFollowing the launch of the?State of Nature in 2013, the RSPB are hosting the Conference for Nature. This?event brings together leaders from all sectors to look at game changing and innovative projects with nature?and conservation at their hearts.

        Sir David Attenborough delivered the opening address and Peter Young from the Aldersgate Group will be?delivering the summation of the event. The day will showcase a number of high profile projects, showcasing?how sustainability and nature go hand in hand with business. Amongst the speakers are Mike Barry,?Sustainability Director for M&S and Andy Spencer, Sustainability Director for CEMEX. There will be three?question panels throughout the day to prompt discussions about how we can interweave nature with politics,?business and civil society to the benefit of everyone.

        It is one hundred years since the passenger pigeon became extinct, many other species have followed, with?at least a third of all life now under threat. Even once common species like the hedgehog have seen their?numbers collapse from 30 million to around 3 million over the last twenty years. The only way these trends?will be reversed is by collaboration and cooperation between all parts of our society.

        Working side-by-side, 25 wildlife organisations have compiled a stock take of all our native wildlife. The report?reveals that 60 per cent of the species studied have declined over recent decades. More than one in ten of all?the species assessed are under threat of disappearing from our shores altogether. However, the report?illustrates that targeted conservation has produced inspiring success stories and, with sufficient?determination, resources and public support, we can turn the fortunes of our wildlife around. Some of the?answers are being discussed today.

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