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        Home Office guidance to Animals Scientific Procedures Act

        16 January 2013

        Posted by: UAR news team

        Category: Policy Issues

        flags.jpgThe amended version of the Animals Scientific Procedures Act implementing Directive 2010/63?entered into force on 1 January. The Home Office has just published a?quick start guide?providing advice on what the new ASPA covers for establishment licence holders as well as?personal and project licence holders. It also provides explanations on severity classification,?humane killing and the accommodation and care of animals.

        A?transitional guide?explains how the changes to the ASPA brought in by the new European?Directive on the protection of laboratory animals will affect existing licences and certificates of?designation. More detailed guidance will be published later in January for consultation.

        The implementation of this European directive is at different stages across Europe. A graphic?representation of progress to date is available on the?Animal Testing Perspectives?blog.