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        Welcome to our new look

        25 May 2012

        Posted by: UAR news team

        Category: Communications & media

        welcome-new-look.jpgThis, our main website, is over three years old and had grown enormously since we launched at the start of 2009. As well as updating its look, we have thoroughly reviewed its structure and navigation to make it easier for our visitors to find what they need. One innovation is a welcome banner that directs scientists, the media, policy makers and schools to their own version of the home page, highlighting content that we hope is particularly relevant to each of you.

        We've changed other aspects of the site to improve the ability to search for content, especially for images. You can also now download videos directly from the site rather than having to contact us for copies.

        Please explore the new site and send us your feedback. No doubt we've overlooked the odd link so please do let us know if you find anything that does not work. And if you have not done so already, please sign up for our monthly e-news so we can keep you abreast of all our work.

        If you have any questions about the site or ideas for new content, please fill in the contact form on the site.