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        New animal research briefing for Deaf Awareness Week

        7 May 2013

        Posted by: UAR news team

        Category: Communications & media

        deaf–awareness–week–logo.jpgUAR has produced a new briefing sheet on deafness and hearing loss as a contribution to Deaf Awareness Week (6th May - 12th May 2013). During Deaf Awareness Week organisations working with deaf people across the country are inviting you to ‘Get involved / get aware’.

        There are 1 in 6 people in the UK that are deaf or hard of hearing. Deaf Awareness Week brings together over 100 deaf charities and organisations under the umbrella of the UK Council on Deafness. The week is an opportunity to celebrate positive attitudes to deafness, seek social inclusion and raise awareness of the huge range of organisations both nationally and locally that champion greater deaf awareness and support deaf people and their family and friends.

        The campaign week will be celebrating the proactive access policies implemented by major UK companies and organisations to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing people are treated fairly and have equal access.

        For further details on events, facts and links, please go to: http://www.deafcouncil.org.uk/deaf-awareness-week.html

        Read our new briefing on the role of animal research in deafness and hearing loss here: http://www.animalresearch.info/en/listing/32/deafness-hearing-loss/